Securence Email Solutions

US Internet offers a complete suite of email filtering and management solutions through it’s wholly owned subsidiary Securence.

Spam, hacking and phishing techniques are continuously evolving.  If your email protection platform consists of the latest space age formula designed to simply out-algorithm attackers, you may not be as safe and secure as you were led to believe.

Effective email filtering and management requires a hands-on approach.  Securence goes beyond incorporating the most effective analytical, statistical and rule-based techniques.  Our SWAT team of email filtering specialists maintains a constant vigil over email traffic globally and identifies new developments in spamming and virus infiltration.  Sophisticated spam signatures and counter-measures are then developed and integrated into our filtering solutions daily.

Securence - logoSecurence is a comprehensive, integrated message management platform, including inbound and outbound, content filtering, security, archiving, email continuity, shadowing and email recovery.