Optical Ethernet

US Internet’s Metro Optical Ethernet service combines the power of Ethernet and optical technologies across metropolitan area networks (MANs) to provide low relative cost coupled with scalable and secure bandwidth.

With our Optical Ethernet solution, we provide seamless integration of LANs across multiple locations without investment in new equipment or expertise. Using virtual LANs, US Internet can connect multiple customer sites and maintain complete traffic separation and security for each customer’s data. We can provide one or both of the following services depending upon your needs:

  • Stand alone LAN-to-LAN connectivity between two or more locations within a metropolitan area
  • Ethernet local access for other select Qwest products

Our Optical Ethernet solution, which enables you to simplify your networks and potentially reduce costs, is based on distributed Layer 2 switching and shared transport data bandwidth and is suitable for data applications that include:

  • Data file transfer
  • Internet access
  • Off-site data storage and access to hosting
  • Outsourced mail and file server service
  • Outsourced application service

For pricing, please contact a US Internet sales representative by calling 1.800.874.6837 or at sales@usinternet.com.