More and more companies, organizations and institutions are making the move to a secure wireless Internet environment. To meet this growing demand, US Internet has developed three powerful wireless solutions:

Point-to-Point Wireless Backbone
US Internet’s business wireless solution provides a wireless point-to-point connection for organizations with needs up to 20 Mbps of available bandwidth.

Hotspot Wireless
Our Hotspot Wireless solution is built upon proven technologies that are designed for transient environments, such as coffee shops, hotel lobbies or apartment buildings. In each location, we are able to personalize the user interface, which allows for easy branding as well as potential revenue through advertisement of local affiliates. Our hotspot wireless solution is designed to provide organizations with an easy-to-use, secure WiFi based wireless connection to the Internet day in and day out.

Hotzone Wireless
This wireless solution has been engineered to provide a large scale, enterprise-level WiFi network over a designated geographic area, such as on a college campus or major metropolitan area.

US Internet has formed strategic partnerships with national technology leaders to offer a complete technology solution including infrastructure design, RF engineering, integration, deployment and continued network support — all designed as a single vendor solution.

In addition, our Hotzone Wireless solution is specialized to assist city, state and federal organizations for a secure wireless infrastructure, even on a massive scale.

City of Minneapolis Wireless Service
US Internet is now offering wireless internet service to the City of Minneapolis. Please visit our USI Wireless website
USI Wireless Logo300 for more details.

For pricing, please contact a US Internet sales representative by calling 1.800.874.6837 or at sales@usinternet.com.